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Hamburger, cheeseburger, sandwich

Beer menu the restaurant BeerEza is designed to delight the tastes of many visitors of all ages and social status. It consists of the most popular dishes of European, Italian, and of course the Ukrainian cuisine.

Delicious salads such as Caprese salad of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, Greek, Caesar salad known to many. Homemade ravioli - are molded by hand in the restaurant itself BeerEza. Snacks for beer - garlic croutons, rye and wheat bread, onion rings, prawns steamed in beer, by a special recipe chef marinated pork ears and cheese sticks will not leave anyone indifferent.


Corporate urainsky soup, cooked, respecting all the traditions in rye bread served with sour cream, bacon, garlic and green onions. It is necessary to try. Be sure to several types of pasta and pizza. Scrumptious steak fillet of fresh meat calf and quads in the company’s pork marinade.


The proposed fish on our menu is worth your attention, especially the fillet of Norwegian salmon and mountain trout.


For the sweet tooth provides a delicious Italian dessert tiramisu, fruit cocktail, and many varieties of delicious ice cream.